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Welcome to my website. I come from a small town called Morrison in northwestern Illinois. Growing up and hunting with my family is one of the greatest gifts I recall and passing it on to my grandchildren is even better. My wife Carolyn and I have 6 children and 8 grandchildren, and we look forward to the day when we can take the six grandsons hunting.

I am a bricklayer by trade and usually get laid off during the winter seasons.  Unfortunately or fortunately however you see it, I got laid off early the winter of 2003.  Well I probably could have looked for another job, but I found myself thinking of turkey season approaching.  With this idle time on my hands I thought maybe I could make myself a turkey call.  Needless to say the first ones didnít turn out real great, but I just kept trying till Iíd get it the way I wanted it to sound and look. I relied on family and friends to be my field testers.  Soon the word got around that I was making calls and the feedback from my family and friends that the calls really did work to bring in the Big Toms, was all I needed to really start putting out the calls.

Overtime I learned how to make different woods make the sound I wanted.  From then on I would experiment with putting different woods together to get a unique sound. I have many different combinations. My calls are made from a variety of wood, which include: cherry, hickory, mulberry, walnut, poplar, osage orange, red elm, chestnut, box elder, wormy chestnut, cedar. My calls are available in both field grade and custom.  Each box is numbered, signed, dated and has what type of wood is in it. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all of my calls. If not satisfied Iíll gladly refund the money or replace it with another call of you choice. My calls are priced lower than most other call makers cause I want all turkey hunters to have a good call to call in the BIG ONE.


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